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How Important is Regular Exercise to Your Mental Health?

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As bygone times sink deeper into the abyss of history, where emotions and expression of feelings were frowned upon, a new era of mental health awareness is coming to light. While there is still a great distance to cover in pursuing a society that accepts mental health issues, we are seeing progress.

They say, ‘healthy body, healthy mind,’ but is there scientific value to this claim, and why is it so important to the future generations of our world?

The Issue With Gen-Z

Growing up in a world dominated by technology and social media, upcoming generations are exposed to life experiences like none other throughout history. While there are convenient and beneficial perks of social media, most youth cannot distinguish between the damaging parts and the positive ones. ExpressVPN’s study on Gen-Z shows that over 80% of individuals surveyed reported that social media has negatively impacted their mental health regarding depression, anxiety, and overall happiness. That means four out of five Gen-Z are not only negatively affected by social media, but they are also aware of it to some extent. Countermeasures are needed to balance the mental health issues that may arise from overexposure to media.

Improved overall mood

Putting yourself through an intense workout does wonders for your positive emotions – and there is neurochemical substantiation, too. Exercise triggers the release of multiple endorphins – dopamine and serotonin- the ‘feel good chemicals. Exercise is a scientifically proven method of injecting chemical happiness throughout your body.

Every little thing is going to be alright

While our brains continuously operate hyperactively, completing countless subconscious tasks and thought processes, our ability to focus on multiple things consciously is limited. Hence, training your mind to focus on the exercise at hand is an incredible way to free your mind of the worries of life – even if it’s only for an hour. A clearer headspace and a step back from the chaos of your troubles might enable you to come up with a solution that was not immediately obvious before exercising.

Mental Health

A refreshed energy for life

One of the most common symptoms of depression is a lack of energy, motivation, and overall love for life. Leaving one’s bed can be an unattractive, arduous prospect. However, committing to an early morning exercise as part of your routine will revitalize your energy storage and give you a thirst for life that simply isn’t the same without training.

The ability to exercise is a privilege that comes with many perks. Life can get hectic; social media can become overwhelming. Even if it’s just for ten minutes a day, to begin with, implementing some form of exercise into your day can have immeasurable benefits on your life and overall mental health. Do not underestimate this.

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