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A migraine is a neurological condition or disorder which characterized by severe headaches, usually giving a throbbing or pulsating feeling on either one or both sides of one’s head. The headache will remain accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting, speaking difficulties, numbness or tingling, and light and sound sensitivity.

Studies say that Migraine is the sixth most disabling disease in the world. It could be genetic and can affect people of almost all ages. In young children, Migraine goes undiagnosed as it is misunderstood as a common headache or weakness. The duration of Migraine varies between individuals. Most of the attacks last for a minimum of 4 hours. If an episode of a migraine lasts longer than three days, it has to stay treated in a hospital setting.

What are the types of Migraines?

Classic Migraine/Migraine with Aura: This occurs with specific warning signs before the attack begins. An aura is the migraine attack’s initial phase, accompanied by distinct symptoms like flashing lights, loss of vision, dizziness, confusion, and weakness. It is also termed a complicated migraine. It is seen in 25% of people with Migraine.

  • Migraine without aura: This occurs without warning signs and is the most common type.
  • Migraine without headache: Aura symptoms occur, but the person does not develop a headache. It is also known as silent Migraine.
  • Hemiplegic Migraine: The onset of this kind of Migraine is marked by hemiplegia or temporary paralysis. The person can experience temporary numbness, weakness, tingling sensation, or dizziness.
  • Retinal Migraine: Also called ocular Migraine. In worst cases, the person may feel a partial or complete loss of vision in one of the eyes, lasting from a few minutes to a few months. It is imperative to approach a doctor if one is experiencing this.
  • Chronic Migraine: A chronic migraine occurs 10 to 15 days a month. The severity of pain may differ on different days.
  • Migraine with brainstem aura: This Migraine shows symptoms like slurred speech, loss of balance, and double vision before the onset of the headache. Usually, the headache appears on the backside of one’s head and with an inability to speak correctly.
  • Status migrainosus: This relatively rare Migraine lasts more than 72 hours with terrible nausea and headache. This Migraine is usually caused by some medications or as a withdrawal effect.

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