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Dehydrated Hands? Identify the Causes and Solutions

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Dehydrated Hand – The ageing process, although natural, can affect how we feel about ourselves and our self-esteem. The hands are a prominent part of ourselves. We look at our hands repeatedly throughout the day – whether it’s driving our car, using our phones, or looking at our nails.

The hands are a somewhat forgotten area when it comes to aesthetic treatments, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do for hands that look and feel aged. There are, in fact, hand treatments for “thirsty hands” that work.

Dehydrated Hands Causes

dehydrated hands causes

The dry skin on our hands can result from natural ageing and environmental stresses, such as washing, soaps and detergents. Exaggerated sun exposure can also have an ageing effect on hands. And no matter how much cream we use, the hands still feel dry – thirsty.

Most people accept ageing as a part of life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have dry hands or hands that feel rough. In either case, it can be hard to ignore once you start noticing it. Especially if the look of your hands also affects how you feel about yourself. No matter your age, your hands can still be smooth and beautiful.

So what hand treatments are there to get smoother and younger-looking hands? And is there a hand treatment for dry or ageing hands that also lasts for a long time?

Dehydrated Hands Solutions

Dehydrated Hands Solutions

It is a treatment that works. A clinical study has shown that results last up to 12 months4.

Your hands don’t have to be a forgotten area any longer or make you feel sad or perhaps even a little depressed. There is an effective solution! The before and after images show excellent results with Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ for ageing hands or dry skin on hands.

So get ahead of the game – say hello to hand treatments with Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™! Ask your healthcare practitioner to learn more about Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ or find a clinic in your area.

Dehydration Test

Dehydration Test

First, we need to know how to do our dehydration test. For this, celeb nutritionist Pooja Makhija has told on her Instagram account how we can do our dehydration test through the skin. Our skin can tell us whether the body needs water or not.

Due to the dehydration of the skin, it can remain ascertained how dehydrated our body is. For this, you can make the skin a base. Pooja Makhija says that this test must be done if you are travelling or have been doing some work for a long time.

What to do-

  1. Pinch and lift the knuckles of the fingers.
  2. If it goes down immediately, then the body is not dehydrated.
  3. If it takes a while to go down, your body is dehydrated.
  4. You can also do this test on normal skin, but the best results are obtained on the skin of the knuckles.

Why do my hands feel dehydrated?

Why do my hands feel dehydrated

As per timesnewsnow follow are the stats – While acute dehydration can manifest in fainting, brain fog and dizziness, chronic dehydration often goes undetected until one looks for its symptoms on the skin –specifically on hands.

New Delhi: 70% of the human body is made from water, yet we often run out of it. A common occurrence during winter, dehydration refers to a state wherein your body does not get enough water – when it loses more fluids than it gets. During the hot months, rising temperatures trigger a thirst mechanism that indicates the body to drink water from time to time.

feeling thirsty is the key telltale sign of dehydration. However, there could be other symptoms too that you could be missing out without realizing. While acute dehydration can manifest in fainting, brain fog and dizziness, chronic dehydration often goes undetected until one looks for its symptoms on the skin –specifically on the hands.

How to recognize dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin doesn’t essentially mean dry skin! Whether your skin is dry, normal, mixture, or oily, its water needs must be met.

When it’s thirsty, it shows that the skin tissue is weakened and cannot hold the water it contains. This situation is not permanent but temporary. It passes as soon as the skin is adequately hydrated.

Clarins Study pushes hydration limits by creating the Hyaluronic Power Complex—a double dose of hyaluronic acid for an immediate and long-term hydration boost. Combined with an exclusive leaf of life extract that offers rich moisturizing benefits, Clarins products containing this Hyaluronic Power Complex can be applied generously.

Dehydrated Skin Test Face

Dehydrated Skin Test Face

From the internet to doctors, everyone suggests we drink at least eight glasses of water every day. But do you maintain doing that?

Well, you can find out if you’re fully hydrated by doing a simple trick that will change your life forever.

A doctor named Karan Raj shared a ‘skin pinch’ test that will tell you if you’re dehydrated in seconds – adding that it is a recognized technique known as the Turgor Test.


If the skin on your fingers does not have enough oil or water, you may develop dry hands. It can happen due to environmental factors or an underlying health condition.

Home remedies for dry hands include applying moisturizing creams, washing with a gentle cleanser in cool water, and wearing gloves. Sometimes, your doctor may recommend prescription-strength emollients or medication to alleviate dryness and other symptoms.

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