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Burning Out in Your Healthcare Career? Top Ways to Make a Change

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Working in healthcare can be an very stressful experience, and it isn’t for everyone. You may have away in with the best meanings but found that your role’s reality just does not fit you. Never let any job impact your mental health. If it is causing severe nervousness, depression, or tension, then it is time to make a change. There are many ways to shake things up so that you can continue to work in healthcare but get more out of it.  Patients, society, and you will only do well when those working in healthcare are well themselves, so consider these top career tips:


If you are not happy in your role and the career progression options are just not attractive, it’s time to redirect. If you work as a CNA, for example, and have realized that working directly with patients is not for you, then more advanced nursing roles aren’t likely going to be a good fit. The good news is that there are many different roles that you can take up that will have you use your existing experience and network for the better. For example, you can go from being a nurse to working in healthcare management. Going from an RN salary to an MHA degree salary is usually a huge boost, and the work is perfect for those that want to take a step away from patient care without walking away from healthcare entirely.

In healthcare, making this switch will mean you’ll need to earn a degree. However, you don’t have to take time out from your career to do that. Instead, you can earn the MHA part-time and online and graduate at your own pace.


One of the easiest and fastest ways to make a change for the better is to relocate. This doesn’t mean moving from one busy hospital to another in healthcare. Instead, it means changing the pace at which you work. This could be by moving departments, it could mean moving to a smaller town, or it could even mean moving to clinic work or work privately. In this option, you keep your role but change the environment. Sometimes a better manager is all you need; other times, it’s to go from shift work to a 9-to-5.


Sometimes all you need is to specialize. Instead of redirecting your career, you advance it. This option is particularly appealing to doctors and nurses alike. If you find yourself burning out working as an RN, for example, specializing and becoming an FNP-APRN can mean opening up new career opportunities. For some FNPs, for example, you could open up your own clinic or work privately.

Healthcare is mired with rules and regulations, which are going to impart your options. Usually, however, advancing will expand your options and give you more opportunities to work in an environment or field you are interested in. Not only that, but APRNs make more than RNs, so you also get that much-needed financial incentive.

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