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Top Non-Medical Career Options in Healthcare

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You do not have to be a doctor or a nurse to work in healthcare. In fact, there are so many excellent, non-clinical parts out there. If you aren’t interested in working directly with patients, then there are many ways that you can still support them, get paid well, and boost your career. While yes, many of these top non-medical career options do require a little bit of training, they don’t require full medical or nursing licenses, making them far more achievable for those considering turning to healthcare as their second career:


If you are looking for a flourishing new career that won’t take years to train for, then reflect working in sales. Selling medical devices to healthcare experts is not something you can pick up as you go. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to train up and prepare yourself for a great new career in sales. All you need is to enroll in a Medical Sales School online program to get started. You’ll typically focus on one area of medical devices in your program, and once you graduate, you’ll gain access to their curated employer list to help you secure your first job.

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There are many excellent writing jobs in healthcare. Try transcribing for those who want to get started with little to no formal training. Many healthcare professionals use audio notes that later need to be transcribed. While there are voice-to-text programs, these are not always reliable and can befuddle the meaning, which, if left unfixed, can be problematic in the future. Add in the many different accents and potential ambient noise, and the reason why transcribers are still popular becomes apparent.

If you have medical training, for example, if you went to medical school but decided halfway through it wasn’t for you, then you can put that knowledge to work and become a medical writer. Many times, writers are needed to convey information to professionals, patients, and even the public.


If you are organized and see your ideal job in some leadership position, then administration is your role. Administrators can range from floor managers all the way to the director of a hospital. While you don’t need a medical background per se, you may find it difficult to get into this role without some experience. If you don’t have work experience, know that there are healthcare administrative degrees and many MBAs today let you focus on healthcare as your primary topic.


Telehealth is on the rise, and with that new branch of healthcare will come an increased need for coders, UX developers, and IT specialists. If you have any experience working in IT-related fields, you can get started working in healthcare. Your job will be to either build, maintain, or secure the tools that the next generation will use.

Record Keeping

If you are highly organized and want to work in a non-clinical role in a hospital, consider attractive a record keeper. There are thousands of records at any given hospital, and not only do paper files need to be prepared, but they also need to be inputted into the system exactly to improve good organization.

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