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How to Stand Out in the Medical School Admissions Process

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Getting into medical school admissions is a exciting and highly competitive process. Every year thousands of students apply for admission to the MD program. With more seats available at each medical school, it is authoritative that you stand out in your application to secure a seat.

Enjoyable medical school admission requirements is one of the most important things you must do before give in to your application. This includes completing pre-med coursework, attending the MCAT, and taking an English language skill test. Additional clinical experience is the best way to highlight your medical school application.

Let’s analyze the factors that make you a desirable candidate for medical school admissions.

What do you need to get into medical school?

Qualifying for admission to the MD program depends on the requirements put forward by each medical school. Although academic merit is the priority for most medical schools, they also check for practical experience and ethical values in applicants to select the best candidates.

Here are some of the requirements to get into a medical school:

Pre-requisite coursework

Medical schools welcome students from all educational backgrounds to pursue their respective MD programs. However, some knowledge of basic science subjects is a mandatory requirement for all medical school admission procedures.

The standard for pre-requisite coursework demanded by most medical schools is that students must spend a year studying each of the following subjects respectively: general biology, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry, and a further six months of English and college-level math or computer science. You can also substitute six months of organic chemistry with an equal period of biochemistry.


The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) tests your knowledge of basic science subjects, grave thinking, and logical reasoning abilities. The MCAT is required for all applicants who are U.S. citizens and those with outdated coursework.

It is suggested that all students take the MCAT before applying for the MD program as good cuts on this test can boost your chances of admission.

English proficiency

As English is commonly used in medical schools’ academics and curriculum, non-native speakers are required to attend English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS and submit certificates.

What makes your application stand out?

Fulfilling academic and language requirements are mandatory for the admission procedure to move forward. What makes you stand out from the crowd is the additional experience and technical standards you bring.

You can acquire a great amount of valuable practical experience by shadowing physicians or volunteering in any healthcare facility. This will be of great help during your clinical rotations too.

Medical schools also prefer candidates who have demonstrated their skills in other areas not related to academics. It can range from behavioral and social skills to any other extracurricular activities.

If you are planning to send out a medical school application, make sure you keep these things in mind.

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