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The Role of Nurses in the 21st-Century Healthcare System

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There’s no denying that nurses will play a more central role in the healthcare system in the 21st century. You may wonder why you should consider becoming a nurse and how this could impact your life. Well, there are several reasons why becoming a nurse is one of the best decisions you could make.

Nurses will make up the largest workforce in healthcare, and they’re needed more than ever. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses will go up to 203,200 annually until 2031.

With the increasing demand for skilled nurses due to new technologies such as telehealth and artificial intelligence systems that can track vital signs remotely without human input, hospitals need qualified professionals who can handle these advancements without making mistakes.

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Nurse?

If you’re considering a nursing career, there are many reasons why it’s worth your time and consideration.

  • Nursing is a rewarding career. Nurses enjoy the satisfaction of helping people and making a difference in their lives. According to a recent report from Medscape that surveyed 10,788 US nurses, only 25% said they were dissatisfied with their jobs due to the pandemic. Helping people was the greatest satisfaction of the job.
  • Nursing is an excellent way for people with caring natures to make a difference in their community or society and their own life goals and aspirations by working with people with special needs.

To become a nurse practitioner, you need to get a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Once you have that, you can advance your career with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). While taking up MSN, you can also choose a specific field in nursing. You can become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Adult-Gerontology, or Midwives. FNP is one of the best fields in nursing.

You can get an online degree if you want to become an FNP while working. Many colleges and universities offer an online MSN-FNP nursing program that can get you a Master’s degree. These programs are flexible. You can access learning material 24/7, meaning you can schedule your studies according to your preferences.

Nurses Will Make Up the Largest Workforce in Healthcare

You’ve probably heard that the healthcare industry is undergoing some significant changes. According to a study, nurses will make up the largest workforce in healthcare by 2025. That’s a lot of opportunities for potential careers. Currently, there are 5,355,450 nurses in the US. With 2 million more jobs, the number will surpass 7 million in 2025.

Nurses are essential to helping people live their best lives now and can be used in any capacity. Schools require nurses who can teach students how to take care of themselves. Clinics employ nurses who provide treatment for patients.

The Role of Nurses Is Changing

The role of the nurse is changing. As more and more healthcare systems are moving to decentralized and team-based models, nurses are increasingly being asked to take on additional responsibilities. Nurses are expected to be more autonomous, independent, and involved in patient care processes and decision-making at all healthcare system levels.

Here are some ways that your nursing practice can adapt:

  • Be proactive about learning new skills or gaining experience in areas that interest you. The better equipped you are for change, the easier it will be for you to navigate this evolving profession.
  • Ask questions when something doesn’t seem right. This shows that we have authority over our work, but it also helps ensure patients get appropriate care from qualified nurses rather than just anyone who happens along first.

Statista says there are only a little over a million active physicians in the USA. With over 331 million population in the US, this accounts for only 2.6 physicians per 1000 people. 

On top of that, the adult population is increasing. Hence, physicians can’t look after everything. This leads to an increasing demand for nurses taking up most of the physician’s roles.

Thanks to Technology, More Skilled Nurses Are Entering the Healthcare System

Thanks to technology, more skilled nurses are entering the healthcare system. Nurses have always been needed to help patients manage their health. But now that patients are managing their health data and apps, nurses are being called upon to assist them in these duties.

Many nurses are already prepared to take on such responsibilities. According to a recent survey of 675 nurses published in the Springer Journal, around 30% knew how to use AI in the clinical management of patients.

This is an important step for healthcare professionals because it allows them to focus on what they do best, caring for patients and ensuring they get the best care possible. Moreover, eLearning technologies are also making medical resources more accessible for nurses, helping them learn and grow anywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enable nursing students to get hands-on experience without the need to examine anyone. This can also be enjoyable for the students. 

According to a survey published in the Wiley Online Library, nursing students said that virtual reality is a novel, enjoyable, memorable, and inclusive technology for learning experiences.

Nurses Are Essential to Controlling Costs

Medical costs are usually high. In fact, they can be unaffordable for many people. According to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, around half of Americans have difficulty affording medical expenses. Additionally, 4 out of 10 Americans have even delayed getting medical care because of the costs.

Nurses are an essential part of controlling costs in the healthcare system. They are responsible for providing quality care to patients while keeping costs low. Nurses can assess patient needs and promptly provide appropriate care, which helps reduce healthcare costs.

They also help to ensure that the right medications and treatments are prescribed, which can help to reduce the cost of care. Nurses also provide patient education and support, which can help to reduce the need for costly hospital visits. By providing quality care and controlling costs, nurses are essential to the healthcare system.


As you can see, the role of nurses is changing. The number of qualified nurses is becoming more specialized in their fields. This means that if you’re considering entering the healthcare field as a nurse, now is an excellent time to do so.

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