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How to Select the Right Doctors When Moving to a New State

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If you are a medical marijuana user, then it can be absolutely terrifying if you haven’t traveled to a new state with medical marijuana before.  Not only that but now you have to find a new doctor and that can be even harder to deal with.

When you first move, you’ll need to be aware of what it is that you need as a person.  What questions are you going to need to ask your doctor? How can you even start the process?

Rest assured, the doctors at Marijuana Doctors are some of the most capable doctors when it comes to handling medical marijuana and helping patients succeed in life.  Here are some guiding steps to choose the right medical marijuana doctor when you move to a new state.

Do the Research

Something that is often forgotten is the importance of research.  Medical Marijuana Doctors make this a lot easier for you.  You can search doctors and medical groups by state and you can also look to see what programs the doctors support or are a part of.

As a patient, don’t forget that you have to be aware of what it is that you use.  Know your strains, understand what your previous care plan was, and prepare ahead of time.

You may not always find the right doctor on the first try so don’t worry.  The more you are prepared with your previous medical history and your medical marijuana use, the easier it will be to find the right doctor.

Check State Laws

Did you know that some doctors can be reached across state lines? There are some states that have decriminalized marijuana: what does this mean for you?

This means greater access to more doctors depending on where you live.  States that have decriminalized marijuana will, at times, allow residents to go to doctors outside of the state in order to receive proper treatment.

For this to be a helpful scenario though, check which states have reciprocity laws.  Reciprocity laws allow doctors from another state to treat you, allow you to purchase medical marijuana in other states and transport it across state lines.

For some, this can also mean that they are able to bring medical marijuana plants into their home.  It does depend.

Know What Your Insurance Covers

Something that is incredibly helpful is your insurance portal.  Sometimes insurance portals are going to be a bit confusing, however it is very helpful to find a doctor that is immediately underneath your plan.

One of the biggest gatekeepers for healthy marijuana use is finding a doctor that is underneath your insurance plan so this may take quite a bit of time.  Here are some questions to help you on your search:

  • Does Dr. X support the use of medical marijuana?
  • Do you know if the doctor is interested in helping patients with medical marijana licenses/cards?
  • Are there penalties that I will incur if I use medical marijuana?
  • I am legally allowed to have THC in my system based on the place I just moved from: will this prevent my treatment at this location?
  • Do you know of any doctors who are willing to treat and help patients who use medical marijuana?

The best part is that sometimes, insurance companies will also assign care teams to individuals (usually by last name basis).  These are questions that you can also feel free to ask a representative.

They will know how to navigate the insurance system much more efficiently than you or I.

Find Someone Who Listens

This can seem like a no brainer, but many people allow themselves to hook in with one doctor who doesn’t treat them correctly or listen to what they say.

You do not want this to happen when you use any type of medical marijuana and any other types of THC/CBD products.  A doctor that listens to you is so valuable!

You will want to look for some key characteristics in doctors so that you can feel confident in your treatment.

  • Are they confident in their abilities?
  • Do they always have a response readily available or do they take the time to think?
  • How do they relate to you?
  • What is their perspective on marijuana?
  • How do they approach medical marijuana? Confidently or with concern?


There is so much to consider when finding a doctor that more often than not, we forget to even check out the doctor!  Insurance, state lines, reciprocity laws and more make moving a difficult situation.  But the more you research and ask questions, the more you will be prepared to navigate the world of medical marijuana.

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