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Mybassett Health Con Login – Process to enter the site

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You may safely connect with your doctor’s office via MyBassett anytime, anywhere.

Using the Mybassett Health Con Login, you can:

  • Make a follow-up choice or a new appointment request.
  • Ask for a video visit on your subsequent appointment.
  • Request a renewal of your prescription.
  • Use E-Visits to quickly and easily get same-day online medical care for various ailments.
  • Text your doctor with any medical inquiries.
  • Integrate your electronic health record with external programmes.
  • Look over the future appointments
  • As soon as your test results are available, view them online.
  • Look at the visit notes
  • Review the documents and immunisation history of your kids.
  • Over time, trend your test results and vital indicators.
  • Register in advance for an upcoming in-person appointment.
  • Online update of your insurance details
  • Online bill payment

Release of Test Results & Clinical Notes

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Following a visit to the doctor, Bassett Healthcare Network is now offering patients rapid online access to test results and clinical visit records. Through your practitioner’s visit notes, you will have access to more thorough information than your after-visit summary. You may be able to read your test results before your practitioner has had a chance to evaluate them. After seeing your electronic health records, we inspire you to contact your doctor to discuss the material further if you have any questions or anxieties.

Include the information in your practitioner’s clinical notes to learn more about these new facilities. Why we are distributing these notes with you and what to anticipate when you log in to access your test results, visit our MyBassett Release of Test Results & Clinical Notes homepage.

FAQs About Mybassett Health Con Login

Q. What is Mybassett Health Con Login?

Mybassett Health Con Login is a secure online portal that allows Bassett Healthcare Network patients access to their medical records.

The MyChart mobile app contains a section called MyBassett. To access MyBassett, download MyChart to your smartphone and choose Bassett Healthcare Network as your provider.

Q. Is Mybassett Health Con Login free?

Mybassett Health Con Login is free to use, and MyChart (the mobile app which contains MyBassett) is free to download.

The MyChart mobile app contains a section called MyBassett. To access MyBassett, download MyChart to your smartphone and choose Bassett Healthcare Network as your provider.

Q. How do I sign up for Mybassett Health Con Login?

Three other ways exist for patients to register for MyBassett: by calling our enrollment hotline at (607) 547-5900, or toll-free at (877) 498-5715. An activation number will be sent, and you’ll be guided through the process of setting up your unique login and password.

You are making an internet account. Before making your online account, you must ask for an activation code if you don’t already have one.

You request help during a primary care visit to get a MyBassett activation code and create your account.

Q. Can I use MyBassett to examine my child’s complete health record?

Yes, from birth through age 12, parents/guardians may seek child proxy access to have complete access to their kid’s medical records on MyBassett.

Once your child turns 13, state and federal rules restrict access. With this restricted access, parents may still view and print vaccination data, make appointments, and get notifications.

You won’t be able to see your child’s health records using MyBassett Health Con Login when they reach 18 without signing an adult proxy consent form.