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Mediotiempo Full Summary Report

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Mediotiempo – Mediotiempo is a medium-sized news and magazine company that operates the e-commerce site And also, Mediotiempo sells its products and services in the news and magazine industry. Mediotiempo is a less active brand in offering discounts and coupons. However, Mediotiempo has various reviews among Knoji buyers, with 14 reviews and an average rating of 2.1 stars. Mediotiempo, which scores below average compared to other brands in the news and magazine industry, offers 0 e-commerce features to serve its customers better.

Mediotiempo Review


Based on online research and 14 Mediotiempo reviews, the overall Mediotiempo score is 3.8 out of 5. The Mediotiempo review score is based on customer ratings, brand popularity, price competitiveness, and breadth and quality of features offered to customers. The Halftime review chart below summarizes the 14 Halftime ratings into two parts: reliability, ease of use, and. You can also compare Mediotiempo with popular alternatives like Amazon, HBO Max, and eBay.

About the app

We have relaunched our app to offer you a better experience with a more intuitive, clean design and all the quality and style of Mediotiempo information.


Enjoy matches instantly on your app with minute-by-minute details, slips, galleries, dates, highlights and more.

Data Security

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Employees at Mediotiempo

Hector Quispe

Editorial Coordinator and Manager of sports organizations with an MBA/diploma in digital sports journalism/CID content marketing.

About Hector Quispe

MBA in Direction and Management of Sports Organizations (European University of Madrid); Master’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations (one semester) from CIDE (Center for Economic Research and Teaching, AC), Specialist in Sports Journalism from the National Press and Democracy Program, IBERO 2015. Video columnist at since 2019. Editor, Columnist and Talent at El Heraldo de México from 2017 to 2018. Consultant and Trainer of Reporting Projects specializing in Business (CID Consulting Director) focusing on Content Marketing, Comprehensive Communication and the entertainment industry. Publisher of web and print books and Social Media Strategist.

I have been immersed in the media as a journalist for more than 20 years, which now pushes me to enter and contribute to the field of Social MKT.

Specializations: *Writer, analyst, editor and editorial consultant for major media outlets (Reforma, El Universal, Récord, Esto, Ovaciones, PSN TV,, Editorial Televisa, Editorial Playboy, Expansión Magazine and Red Forbes México). Host of Special Events. Creator and Editorial Producer of Quality for Radio, TV and the Internet. Copy Writer Copywriter.

Professor of Journalism and MKT at the Undergraduate and Undergraduate level (Real Madrid University School in Mexico, Ibero-American University, UVM, Anáhuac University, UNAM, CECC, Verbo Encarnado México, CEU PART and José Ramón Fernández Center for Sports Journalism Studies). Provider of courses and seminars: UNAM, Universidad Panamericana and Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of Guatemala City.

Announcer Category, Professor of Journalism and MKT. Meanwhile January 2019, he has been the Director of Marketing and Communication at Grupo Restaurantero Casa Regia & Nostalgia.

Gabriel Lopez (Cartoonist at Mediotiempo)

About Gabriel Lopez

Expert in sports opinion, especially in soccer.


  • Cartoonist

The Universal Newspaper

May 2008 – Present (14 years 5 months)

I make two cartoons a week for the sporting unit of Diario El Universal and El Gràfico

  • Cartoonist

I pay with an everyday card stating to soccer

  • Cartoonist

media group

I made monthly cardboard in a colour page for the magazine FUTBOL TOTAL

Graphic Mexican Reporting Organization

  • Cartoonist

Mexican Editorial Organization

2002-2006 (4 years)

Cesar Juarez Caudillo

Journalist, Head of Info, Senior Editor, Journalist. Web clipper at

About Cesar Juarez Caudillo

Diario AS, Reforma, Terra, Yahoo! Journalist with over 18 years of knowledge in media such as Record and Record.

Expert in webcast, press, radio, TV and social networks. Data processing blueprint.

With experience in coverage and editorial coordination of events such as the World Cup, Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Gold Cup, Copa America, World Cup qualifiers, etc.

Karla Brawn (PR in HER)

  • Life & Style Magazine
  • CECC, Center for Studies in Communication Sciences


  • CECC, Center for Studies in Communication Sciences
  • Bachelor of Marketing
  • Anahuac University
  • Diploma in Interactive and Digital Marketing

FAQ Mediotiempo

  1. What is Mediotiempo’s revenue?
  2. Mediotiempo revenue is $8.4 M.
  3. How many employees does Mediotiempo have?
  4. Mediotiempo has 39 employees.
  5. What are Mediotiempo’s primary industries?
  6. Mediotiempo’s primary businesses are: Media & Internet, Newspapers & News Services
  7. What different names or alternative spellings do users use while searching for Mediotiempo?
  8. Mediotiempo appears in search results as Mediotiempo, Mediotiempo, Mediotiempo.comMedio Rosa, Kia Sports.
  9. Where is Mediotiempo’s headquarters?
  10. Mediotiempo is situated in Polanco, Distrito Federal, Mexico.
  11. Who are Mediotiempo’s competitors?
  12. Alternatives and possible contestants to Mediotiempo may include Swim Connection, Lincoln Financial Field, and Wrangell Sentinel.

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