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Learn About The Different Kinds Of Smoking Accessories

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Smoking Accessories – Smoking marijuana is becoming more accepted among the public after its legalization. However, to enjoy the ultimate experience of marijuana or CBD, you must look at the device that allows you to smoke it effortlessly. Moreover, if you are confused about the device, you can go for glass pipes. Below are some variations you must be looking at.

Dab Rigs:

The most popular type of glass pipe is dab-rigs. They are similar to bongs because they have a water filtration feature. Additionally, they are designed to provide a more robust form of cannabis or a potent form of cannabis. The room (where your water-filtration device is) is heated, and you’re all set to consume marijuana.


A chillum has a cylinder shape. You have to place marijuana on one part of the chillum. Then, the marijuana is ignited, and you inhale the smoke from the other side. Chillums are an excellent portable smoking accessory. In addition, it allows direct inhalation, which is why it’s ideal for regular smokers.


They are bigger chillums. Steamrollers are used to store marijuana but contain an enormous container for inhaling the smoke.

This is the best choice for people who regularly smoke or require higher doses. If you think that chillums are too tiny for your needs, It could be time to consider steamrollers.

Spoon Pipes:

Spoon pipes are some of the most commonly used tools for smoking marijuana. They are compact, so you can easily carry them everywhere you travel. The spoon comes with a massive bowl on one side. The bowl is where marijuana is stuffed. This bowl then gets ignited, and the marijuana is taken in.

If you’re a regular smoker and would like to be in a position to smoke at any time, using a spoon is the ideal option for you. They’re affordable, and you can begin with a set of spoons that are particularly useful when you wish to share your marijuana with friends. Some impressive spoon pipes include Infinity Glass, Devil Pipe, Freezable Coil Glass Pipe, etc.


Another alternative to smoking marijuana is bongs. The bong has an air chamber that cools the smoke and eliminates the heaviest particles. A bong’s overall purpose is to enhance the smoke’s flavor. However, bongs aren’t as convenient as spoons. But, if you want to set up an area within your home purely dedicated to your smoking sessions, you may be interested in using a bong.


Another cool alternative to consuming your marijuana is through a bubbler. Bubblers are tiny bongs that have an attached spoon pipe. It is the place where marijuana is stored and lit.

They come with a tiny water chamber that helps reduce the smoke and eliminate particulates, just like the enormous bong. Many believe bubblers produce more enjoyable smoke than bongs or spoons. Moreover, due to its compact dimensions, the bubbler is highly portable.


It is a highly recommended accessory for indoor blazing. But if you want something more travel-friendly, we recommend checking out our Honest ashtray.  This ashtray is great for your home as well. Made from thick crystal glass, this modern ashtray has a lid to keep the ash from smelling up your house.


Starting with the basics – a lighter is essential for any weed smoker. Without it, you can’t light up a joint, a blunt, a bowl, or a bong. Some lighters even have built-in tools like scissors, pokers, or roach clips, while others come included in innovative StashLight – Doob Tubes. A good lighter should be reliable, easy to use, and fit your budget.

Final Words

It is essential to understand the specifications of the various kinds of smoking accessories. Once you have understood the difference, you can determine the most suitable for your requirements.