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Hemoglobin Write For Us

Hemoglobin  (HGB) is the main constituent of red blood cells, which convey oxygen and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. The level of this indicator depends on the age and gender of the patient, and it can also change during the day. The Hemoglobin content usually is higher in men than in women. With a lack of Hemoglobin, a person experiences oxygen starvation, which leads to a deterioration in his condition. Dizziness, drowsiness, and general weakness may indicate a decrease in Hemoglobin. Perhaps a physiological reduction in the Hemoglobin concentration in children in the first year of life.

A decrease in Hemoglobin is observed with blood loss, various types of anaemia, violations of the formation of red blood cells, or with their accelerated destruction. Conversely, an increase in Hemoglobin can be due to physical exertion, smoking, and people living in mountainous areas and with certain diseases.

How is Hemoglobin Formed?

Iron is an essential component of Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin synthesis begins in proerythroblasts and progresses to the reticulocyte phase of red blood cells. Therefore, when reticulocytes leave the bone marrow to enter the bloodstream, they form traces of Hemoglobin  until they become mature red blood cells.

Simple steps in the formation of Hemoglobin :

  • The binding of succinyl-CoA formed in the Krebs metabolic cycle with glycine creates a pyrrole molecule.
  • 4 Pyrroles come together to form protoporphyrin IX. In turn, it combines with iron to create the heme molecule.
  • Each heme molecule is associated with a long polypeptide chain to form a Hemoglobin chain subunit.
  • Four of these chains are loosely linked to form the complete Hemoglobin
  • Depending on the amino acid composition of the polypeptide part, there is some difference in the Hemoglobin subunit chains. The chains are alpha, beta, gamma, and delta chains.

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