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Weightlifting Write for Us

Weightlifting Write for Us

What is Weightlifting?

It is a type of sport. It is based on weight lifting. Lifting weights consist of discs attached to both ends of a metal stick. Like boxers and wrestlers, weightlifters are classified according to their weight. These classes are Rooster, feather, light, medium, semi-heavy, light heavy and heavyweight. Weightlifters of all weights compete in three divisions. These three parts are tidying, snatching, shouldering and shrugging. The sum of all three is called the “Olympic total”.

Weightlifting is an ancient sport. Weightlifting has been featured in all Olympics since the 1896 Olympics. It is known that weightlifting was also included in the program of the Olympics before Christ. Only, weightlifting competitions at that time were not just about lifting weights. Generally, a heavy stone was lifted and transported to a particular place.

An athlete may only participate in a competition organized under the regulations of the Weightlifting Federation. The decision about the contests is taken by the International Federation of Weightlifting and Physical Education (F.İ.HC), to which many nations are affiliated. Only an amateur license has been recognized in weightlifting.

What Are the Benefits of Weightlifting?

When we think of weightlifting, we think of sports competitions or the Olympics. However, nowadays, many people are interested in this sport in gyms. Lifting weights is the apple of the eye for people who want attractive muscles. Regular weightlifting or lifting weights reduces the body’s fat and increases the bones’ density and resistance.

Weightlifting, which contributes to strengthening the heart, also reduces the risk of depression. Moreover, it helps your body to work harder without getting tired. And also, it enables oxygen to be used more effectively in the cells. It has been scientifically proven to prevent osteoporosis, especially in women. It causes an increase in the hormone endorphins, so you feel happier.

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