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soap2day Euphoria – Complete Overview Report – 2022

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Criticism: ‘Euphoria’ intentionally romanticizes drug use

Euphoria intentionally romanticizes drug use

Editor’s Note: This article covers substance abuse and relapse and contains spoilers for Euphoria Season 2.

“If you didn’t give a shit, you wouldn’t have sold me the damn drugs in the first place” – “Euphoria,” Season 1, Episode 6.

D.A.R.E., who you may know from anti-smoking and vaping ads, said he thinks HBO’s “Euphoria” glorifies drug use. However, after Season 2, there is reason to believe that the show’s overall theme will end with the opposite message.

During the first season, the audience follows Rue, a teenager who falls into drug addiction after her father’s death. Our first look at the present is Rue’s release from rehab, though she quickly reveals she has no intention of staying clean. The first season appropriately ends with her throwback told through a beautifully choreographed routine.

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The second season, however, emphasizes the dark side of drug addiction. In episode five, a distraught and angry Rue, played by Zendaya, runs through her house yelling at her mother and sister, demanding answers for what they did with their drugs. When she realizes it was her friend Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, who ratted her out, Rue directs her hatred accordingly. Jules, who Rue repeatedly says is the only person who makes her life worth living, is now nothing after she lost her drugs.

The audience sees Rue getting lost and tries to find her solution. She runs wild through the streets and even steals valuables from a house while trying to pay off a debt she owes to her drug dealer. After the shopkeeper refuses her handful of jewellery, we find that Rue is in more danger than we anticipated when she sees herself escaping from a heavily guarded house after the shopkeeper comments on women doing something to her have to do. People want it even if they don’t have money. And also Texas tech basketball.

soap2day Euphoria – Details

From how it’s shaping up, “Euphoria” seems to be on a mission to humanize those who struggle or have struggled with drug addiction and show how little control they have. Evidence for this interpretation is the repeated statistic that only 5% of drug addicts stay clean after rehab.

We can see how the show is set up now, glorifying drug use in the first season with beautiful aesthetics and bright makeup, symbolizing the euphoria that a person dealing with drug addiction feels at the beginning of their life. However, we watch that beauty fade as we painfully watch Rue’s life falls apart as she struggles to stay clean. : us inflation jumped 7.5 in in 40 years

While there’s undoubtedly somewhat to remain said for how drugs portraying in season one. The season two finale, particularly the deaths of several drug dealers, including fan-favourite Ashtray, played by Javon “Wanna” Walton, makes it clear that the show isn’t on a mission to romanticize drug use. It maintains the body perfect if you do not get use to drug. Nike tech

The show’s mission is to show what it’s like to be with a drug addict and all the tragedy that comes with it. The message becomes apparent when the series finally ends: you experience euphoria when you start your drug addiction, but things slowly deteriorate from there.

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