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Genetic Disorders Write for Us

Genetic Disorders Write For Us contentIntroduction to Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are disorders produced by abnormalities in one or more genes or chromosomes. Some genetic disorders are inherited, and others are spontaneous.

  • Hereditary genetic disorders pass down from generation to generation.
  • Spontaneous genetic disorders did not pass from one generation to another. Still, they occur when the genetic material in the father’s sperm or mother’s eggs or cells of the developing embryo is damaged by casual or by drugs, chemicals, or other harmful substances (such as X-rays).
  • Before becoming pregnant, women and their partners should consult their doctor about the risk of having a child with a genetic disorder.
  • Risk factors include an elderly woman (“old”), family history of genetic abnormalities, spontaneous abortions, a previous child with congenital malformations, and chromosomal abnormalities in one of the future parents.
  • Tests for genetic diseases can be done in all couples, especially those at a higher than average risk of having babies.


Couples considering having a child should consult about the risk of their future baby suffering from genetic alterations (prenatal genetic counseling). They can discuss the precautions they can take to help avoid some congenital abnormalities. For example, women can prevent contact with toxic substances and energy.

Couples can also request their doctor to determine if the risk of having a baby with genetic alterations in their case is higher than average. Therefore if the risk is high, tests will be done to help evaluate it more accurately ( genetic screening ). If the result of these tests approves that there is a high probability of severe genetic alterations, the couple may consider one of the following options:

If the woman is previously pregnant, the doctor will apprise her of the different tests to scrutinize the fetus during pregnancy ( prenatal diagnostic tests). It will also notify you of the possible options if a genetic alteration detects in these tests. Abortion is one of these options. In some cases, the abnormality can treat. Sometimes the couple is referred to the consultation of a geneticist, who will help them make the most appropriate decision. Doctors can advise a woman to obtain prenatal care at a center that offers more comprehensive facilities for newborns.

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