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Disease History Tarkov – Detailed Information Report – 2022

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Steps to Finish the Disease History Quest in Escape from Tarkov

The Therapist Background quest is a new quest added in patch 12.11. This article will teach you how to complete the case story quest in Escape from Tarkov with all the required materials.

Required Keys for the Quest

You will need the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key to complete the Case History quest. The RB-KSM key will get used to obtain Medical Journal #1, and the RB-SMP key will remain used to obtain Medical Journal #2.

I recommend going to the stash just for the quest, as it will be 10x easier. If you want to stack other quests with this one, that could be not nice. This is because “Reserve” is the most challenging card to draw.

There are too many conditions for good loot, and raiders often spawn. This place is flooded with feral players only because they can get loot from farming raiders and other unlooted areas.

I highly recommend doing this quest alone without a bag just because of the quest location, which we’ll talk about later.

Medical Building – White Bishop Building

Medical Building – White Bishop Building

Enter the medical building from the road to the Wildlands Extract (PMC and Wild Extract). Once you reach the 1st floor (2nd floor), go up left and right. Each medical journal will be on the same floor, and you only need the two keys (RB-KSM and RB-SMP) to open them.

The first Medical Journal (RB-KSM Key Room) will remain between two shelves on the right side of the room where you entered the door. There are medical supplies in this room, a gym bag, and nothing in particular.

The second medical journal (RB-SMP key room) is under the shelves on the left side of the space. This room has an Ophthalmoscope spawn and lots of medical supplies, which should have better loot than the RB-KSM room.

Extraction – Safest Way

Exit the White Bishop building, and you will see the White King building across the road. It’s across from Wild Lands Mining, so you might confuse it with Black Bishop’s building, which is also next to your building.

Hug the white king building outside and run straight until you see the camping tents. Turn right and follow the tents to avoid the fences as you will go directly to the utility hole exit.

This extraction requires you to empty your bag, which is why it was mentioned before not to take your bag with you but focus on other quests.

If you’ve read our guide on completing the Surplus Goods quest, it’s basically the same strategy, as both locations are close to the utility hole extraction point.

Also, if a friend is playing with you, you can ask them to accompany you as a Scav so you can take loot from the Scav Land nearby. It is an excellent way to increase reputation with Fence and get additional rewards from Fence through the messenger.

How to Finish the Documents Task in Escape from Tarkov

How to Finish the Documents Task in Escape from Tarkov

The Documents task from Prapor is an insanely tricky quest because you need to survive the area while getting all the documents in one of the hottest areas in Reserve.

This article will show you how to finish the documents task in Escape from Tarkov, including the closest extraction you can do. The information will also help do other Reserve quests like the Surplus Goods quest, the Disease History quest, and the Inventory Check quest.

Going to the underground bunker

Now, there are multiple ways of going down the bunker. If you remember your previous quests like Bunker parts 1 and 2, you would already learn 3 different entrances to the underground bunker.

There are more than 3, and you should adjust accordingly to how you want to do this quest and where you spawn at the start of the raid.

Each building near the helicopter (White Pawn, Black Pawn, and White King buildings) has the shortest distance to get to the underground bunker. If you spawn near the train station, you can take the White Bishop entrance or hug the mountains to the dome and go from there.

However, it is dangerous to go to the helicopter area late in the raid. There might be Player-Scavs spawning already, which is usually the area they go to for leftover loot. PMCs also hear you way below as you come inside the bunker.

Choose your entrance carefully and strategically. You can wait for people to take the D-2 extraction and see it by double-tapping “O” regularly to check if someone has activated it and taken the extraction.

Final Thoughts

After completing the quest, these areas aren’t excellent regarding farm money. On the other hand, this area may not be as hot as other areas of the supply, which can be effective if you have a foul spawn or just a bad day in Tarkov.

Buying keys for more than 100,000 rubles is not recommended unless you are in a hurry to complete all the quests you can complete to get levels. That is only for players who play more than 10 hours per day at the start of the wipe.

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